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Monday, December 17, 2007

Episode 4- "Merry Christmas, dudes"

Our Christmas epsiode....Merry Christmas everyone

today we played back feeback by Pastor James who has a podcast called CM monthly which you can find on Itunes or at this link:

Hippo picture done by my son Justin!

We read a christmas story (which is also printed in December 16 blog entry) called "a very peanutbuttery Christmas story" by yours truly.

We heard a walking tour of the kids delivering Christmas presents and we heard Christmas greeings from the kids.

we endedwith a freaky song called "santa clause is freaking me out" for all you santa haters out there! (jk)

these songs were played on this can ind them all on the podsafe music network:

"O come of ye faithful" by Twisted Sister (yes, that Twisted Sister)
"Cheetham Hill" by Junction Pool
"O come of ye faithful" by Uncle Seth
"Jingle Jangle" by Larry Seyer
"Silent night" Rich Palmer

"We wish you a merry christmas" by seven5seven
"Santa Clause is freaking me out" by Lord Weatherby


MAchick said...

I love your podcasts,very creative,funny and practical too- Keep them coming!

Jim said...

thanks for the encouragement!